★★ Blockchain and DEX fees

This text is recommended for advanced STON.fi users.

For each operation with smart contracts, a blockchain fee is charged. When exchanging tokens for TON, this fee is 0.08-0.13 TON. However, since the fee is unknown in advance in TON, the STON.fi smart contracts charge users' wallets 0.3 TON, most of which is usually returned. But it is also possible that the blockchain fee may reach 0.3 TON.

When providing liquidity, the blockchain commission is paid twice (for each of the two tokens in the pair), but any unused amount is also returned afterwards.

The DEX commission is charged at a rate of 0.3% per transaction in the receiving tokens. Of these, 0.2% are returned to the pool and distributed among liquidity providers, while 0.1% goes to STON.fi.

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