★ How to farm on STON.fi

Text with one star ★ is recommended for experienced users. If you need a guide to basic operations on DEX, study this encyclopedia from the beginning.

Step 1. Go to the 'Pools' tab and toggle on "Farming available." Choose a suitable liquidity pool and click on it. Use the searchbar to find the token you wish to farm, or just locate it in the list.

Step 2. If you don't have LP-tokens yet, you will be prompted to add liquidity first on this page. Click 'Add Liquidity,' provide liquidity to the pool of your interest to receive LP tokens, and start farming. For more details on providing liquidity, refer to the "How to Add Liquidity" page.

Step 3. If you have already supplied any amount of liquidity to the selected pool, you will see the volume of your liquidity on the fillable bar. This means you can start farming! Click the 'Farm' button.

Step 4. In the popup window, you will see the amount of LP-tokens you can stake. Leave this value at the maximum or adjust it as desired, then click 'Farm.'

In some farming pools, LP tokens are locked for a predetermined period, while in others, withdrawal is possible at any time. Information about the lock-up period will appear in the farming window.

Step 5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Great! You have successfully started farming on STON.fi. Typically, funds can be withdrawn at any time, but details may vary depending on the farm. Carefully review the tooltips in the interface and our Telegram posts, where we provide comprehensive information about each farm.

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