★ How to provide liquidity on STON.fi

Text with one star ★ is recommended for experienced users. If you need a guide to basic operations on DEX, study this encyclopedia from the beginning.

What is a liquidity pool, where the funds come from, and why trading in DeFi is impossible without liquidity pools, we explain in this article.

Let's learn how to provide liquidity – it's quite simple, and you can withdraw your funds anytime.

Step 1: In the 'Pools' tab, choose the desired liquidity pool, for example, STON/TON. Review the TVL, Volume, and APR indicators (discussed in the previous chapter) and click 'Add liquidity.'

Note: For liquidity provision, you need an equal value of both tokens, not just equal quantities. In our case, you should have TON and STON in your wallet. If you lack the required token, refer to the chapter "How to Swap Tokens on STON.fi".

Step 2: Enter the amount for the first token, and the algorithm will automatically calculate the amount for the other. Click 'Provide Liquidity'.

Step 3: In the popup window, view the monthly APR, your share in the pool, and the blockchain fee size. Confirm the transaction by clicking 'Confirm liquidity provision.'

Step 4: Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Done! Liquidity is provided, and you'll immediately start receiving a share of fees from each transaction in that pair. In a few seconds, you'll receive LP tokens – special tokens from our DEX confirming your liquidity provision. We'll explain their purpose and how to make LP tokens work for you in the upcoming chapters.

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