★ How to withdraw funds from a liquidity pool

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Withdrawing all the provided funds from a liquidity pool is as easy as pie.

Step 1. In the 'Pools' section, switch to the 'My Pools' tab to see all the pools where you provided liquidity.

Step 2. Choose the desired liquidity pool and at the bottom of the pool page, click the Withdraw button.

Step 3. In this window, you can select how much of the liquidity you provided you want to withdraw. To withdraw the entire amount, choose MAX.

Step 4. Click Withdraw Liquidity and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Please note that withdrawing funds from liquidity in the pool is also a transaction. You need to have TON in your wallet for blockchain fees to be able to complete the operation.

When withdrawing liquidity, pay attention to the amount of each of the tokens in your position. The fees from transactions were added to your position throughout the liquidity supply. Also, always remember the risk of impermanent losses. More about this - here.

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