★★ Staking on STON.fi

This text is recommended for advanced STON.fi users.

In simple terms, staking is the process of "freezing" cryptocurrency. You provide cryptocurrency for storage in a smart contract and receive special rewards for it. Currently, staking of the STON token is available on STON.fi.

What will you get for staking STON tokens?

  • ARKENSTON - a soulbound NFT that is permanently linked to your wallet. It cannot be sold or sent to another person. ARKENSTON will be used in the future as an entry ticket to the STON.fi DAO - a closed community for decision-making about the future of STON.fi.

  • GEMSTON - a token from the STON.fi token family. It is a community token traded on STON.fi and other exchanges. Its mechanics will be determined by the DAO. In the Stake tab, there is a convenient calculator that will help you calculate the amount of GEMSTON that will come to your wallet immediately after staking.

How to stake STON?

To stake STON, go to the 'Stake' section, click the 'Stake STON' button, and navigate to the menu. There, you can specify the amount of tokens and the duration of the staking, as well as estimate future rewards:

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