★ What is farming?

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Providing liquidity is not the only way to make your tokens work for you. At any given time on our DEX, there are several farming pools (farms) available, and anyone can join them.

Farming involves earning additional rewards for liquidity provision. All you need to do is provide liquidity to the chosen pair, confirm your participation by staking LP-tokens (automatically issued to you for providing liquidity on STON.fi) — and rewards from the prize pool start flowing into your account every few seconds.

How does it work?

Projects whose tokens are traded on the DEX are interested in having more funds in their liquidity pools so that users can trade in larger volumes. To achieve this, a project creates a farm on STON.fi, allocates a specific amount of tokens as rewards, and the smart contract distributes them among all farming participants, thus incentivizing liquidity provision. Each farming participant receives a specific share of the prize pool, and the higher their share in the pool, the more substantial rewards they will receive.

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