How to buy TON (Toncoin) in Telegram

So, you have created your TON wallet and connected to DEX. Only one operation separates you from actual trading.

You need Toncoin or, as it is often called, TON. TON is the main cryptocurrency on the TON blockchain. All blockchain fees (charged with each transaction) are paid in TON, and it can be used to purchase other tokens. For your first steps in the world of TON Blockchain, you will need to buy TON. Now let's show you where and how.

Step 1. Open @wallet in Telegram. No wallet creation actions are required — it is already linked to your account. Click on the 'Open Wallet' or 'Wallet' button next to the text input line.

Step 2. In the opened window, click on 'Add Crypto'.

Step 3. Choose the method of purchasing tokens. For example, we will consider the simplest method — 'Bank Card' or 'Express Purchase'. Click on the corresponding button.

Step 4. Select 'Toncoin' and click 'Continue'.

Step 5. Choose the currency and specify the amount you want to buy Toncoin for.

Step 6. After selecting the payment method, the service will find a seller for you. To complete the transaction, you will need to send the required amount to the specified bank account, and in return, the specified amount of Toncoin will be credited to your @wallet.

Now let's send the purchased TON to our non-custodial wallet.

Step 7. Launch @wallet again and select 'Send'.

Step 8. Click on 'External wallet' and select Toncoin.

Step 9. Enter the address of your wallet. We discussed where to find the wallet address in this chapter.

Step 10. Specify the amount of TON to be sent and click 'Send'. Remember that transaction fees are paid in TON, so you cannot send all available tokens to another wallet.

Voilà! Now you have TON in your own non-custodial wallet. You can confidently proceed with your first cryptocurrency transactions. In the following chapters, we will explain how.

P.S.: Try to keep at least a minimal amount of TON in your wallet. Even if you are a billionaire and keep your finances in other tokens, such as STON, you will still need TON to pay for fees during exchanges and other operations.

How to buy TON using another method?

Open our application and click the Buy TON button. There you will see all the current methods of purchasing Toncoin.

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